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Sex and The City – Virtual Reality Style

If you are a big fan of the hit series ‘Sex and The City’ you may or may not be a big fan of the upcoming release of the first VR episode based on the beloved and original show. Of course, you’re not going to find the same cast acting out in the virtual reality series; just porn stars. A porn series VR show…now that’s something very different.

Viewers will be able to enjoy the typical life of the 4 main characters who will have the same name as those on the original hit series. So you might even find yourself being attracted to a different character than you were before.


If you were really fond of Samantha and her wild ways you’ll now be able to view her sexcapades up close and personal in virtual reality. Reality TV lovers may not like the thought of a porn spin-off to one of their favorite shows but we believe it’ll be worth checking out. TMZ reports the series to premiere on May 16 with episodes being similar to that of the original series plot lines.

Adult VR Game on Steam Didn’t Last

On November 27th, the first virtual reality game developed by ErosVR was removed from Steam. It had been first released on November 25th. Virtual Reality Girls was the name of said game that only lasted two days outside of production. The developer stated that the game had been removed from the platform because there were multiple complaints against the content. People viewed Virtual Reality Girls as pornography, to say the least.

Should It Have Been Removed?

Virtual Reality Girls is only playable in virtual reality, as the name may suggest. Upon first view it does seem to be rather raunchy but it is far from pornography. You are able to select a woman and what she wears, whether it be an outfit or nothing at all, and what kind of dance that she does.

The game has three pre-made dance routines to choose from or the player is able to completely create their own. There are several factors that can be changed such as which model is dancing, the outfits, dance routines, and even the locations in which the dancing is taking place.

2 Days Was Enough Time for Steam Users to Pounce

Steam users that had already purchased the game before it was removed from the platform are able to play it still, however, censorship has been added and now the dancers have pixelated private parts which in a sense defeats the purpose of the game.

If the producer decided censorship was the best bet to get their game back on Steam’s market then they were sorely mistaken. The reason to play Virtual Reality Girls in the first place is to watch a scantily clad or possibly even bare naked woman dance and jiggle her private parts with the player able to enjoy the show.

Censorship makes players unable to do that. Why would a person purchase a game that does not have a purpose? Trick question. They would not purchase it.

While many people probably had objections to the nature of the game it seems unreasonable to call it porn and have it removed from the platform. Different people enjoy different things and this is a case of that.

In this world and age, a video game trailer featuring female brutality can be shown to people worldwide and yet there is still a need to censor nudity in a game. Perhaps gore should be pixelated as well because it just seems baffling. Virtual Reality Girls may not be tasteful to most or classy, yet there are games out there on all platforms that should be removed before it.

You can play a suicide simulator and yet you cannot enjoy a risque dance from a woman made entirely of polygons. This just goes to show the poor management of gaming platforms such as Steam. It is likely there will not be any changes anytime soon. Hopefully by the time AR Porn is released there will be another platform other than steam.

Enrich VR Porn Intimacy with all the Mannequin Head Camera

While upon first glance this mannequin head camera howls anything but closeness some people might actually find it to achieve success. VR Bangers, a VR porn production company has shown their POV Head Rig, a mannequin head whose eyes are cameras. The Rig is made to offer VR porn users a more psychological and intimate encounter.

Its definitely an interesting concept but upon first glance most people may be a bit horrified at first. There are cameras as the eyes but in addition on the very best and back of the head as well. So just how can it offer a more intimate experience for the user? The porn star is going to do their thing while cradling the mannequin head and may whisper to the ears which have microphones.

CTO Boris Smirnoff says they had to showcase the item at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo as the CES found the mannequin head to be a bit too bizarre because of their event. Smirnoff maintains that their goal is to help their models take advantage of their play space to be able to provide better quality content for users. The head is made to increase the psychological and closeness amount for the consumer.

There is more awkwardness to overcome and manage when it comes to VR porn stars as compared to standard 2D porn actors. Holding a head will be much simpler for an actor rather than having to use a 360 degree rig.

There are lots of methods to look at VR porn which might be good or awful. Nevertheless, its safe to convey that its not going away and is already making new land for virtual technology.

Is Virtual Reality Porn a Fresh Approach to Cheating?

VR technology is starting to be recognized more and more on a regular basis together with the assortment of VR goggles now available. While the majority of VR technology isn’t adult-entertainment established, you will discover an assortment of VR porn videos and other devices (flesh lights and interactional suits among others) already open to people.

Virtual reality encounters are just that, virtual reality. Its not considered a type of cheating by most people because its not a real encounter. When the encounter becomes a truth, then its considered cheating. Needless to say, many people may not agree. For individuals who might become addicted to VR porn encounters or have an emotional affection, their significant other could consider this cheating. Especially whether its taking away from the real life relationship.

For men the reality of this happening isnt unheard of. Some men have favorite porn stars, just like women have celebrity male puppy loves. In regards to cheating it actually depends on the individual relationship. One man may have distinct definitions for adulterous than their partner. If both aren’t open relating to this it could cause some difficulties. If youre worried about VR porn becoming an issue in your own relationship it may be time to have the cheating conversation and lay down some ground rules.

The Top 5 Greatest VR Porn websites


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No 1. VirtualRealPorn

This website began it all. It’s but one of the greatest VR porn virtual reality websites on the planet! Their video catalog has more than 250 VR porn movies that are finest for several factors. You’ll be able to have actual digital intercourse with sextoys that are interactive. VRP has interactive VR porn movies with integrated adult toy moves that are synchronized. Your masturbator goes simultaneously, when the movie is moved on by the performer. Now that’s experience! HTC-Vive additionally supported, Play station VR. He’d be viewing this website each of the period in the event the demon had a VR headset! VR intercourse! This can be your website for those who have play-station VR headset!

No 2. BadoinkVR

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No 4. NaughtyAmericaVR

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No 5. RealityLovers

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